Personal privacy and Protection on the Net: The Dark Web

Privacy and secureness in communications are reputable concerns of the who live in repressive routines or simply those who wish to stop their personal activities from being observed. Onion routing, as it is sometimes known to the Portal network, was specially designed to supply this kind of protection and personal privacy, but there are plenty of doubts about its success, so in this post we examine its strengths and weaknesses. The article was focused on Durchgang, being one of the most recognized deep web technology, reinforced and analyzed worldwide, though it is necessary to note that Net security does not depend exclusively on Durchgang. The security chain is composed of multiple elements that must be considered the moment trying to secure us from this network,

Activists, political dissidents, journalists in countries incompatible or repressive regimes, human rights defenders, undercover providers and anyone who wants to prevent their particular activities by being checked, sometimes have to communicate, surf the Internet or perhaps share facts freely, private and safe. The natural uncertainties that often happen are:

What do you do to hide personality and location?
How can you ensure the privacy of your communications (telephone, instant information, forums or perhaps e-mail)?
How to share documents confidentially?

How do you keep information concerning your units, without others having access to a few possibilities, even if they may have access to the devices?

There are numerous technologies to safeguard privacy and security, and the dark world wide web is one of the best, however , the security it provides network marketing leads many scammers to hide their particular activities in it. The technologies that best legally represent the dark web happen to be Tor and i2P, Treffer being the most widely used and studied network worldwide, so that it has been encountered with multiple episodes.

On the other hand, the dark world wide web is a challenge to get the regulators who, in addition to figuring out, collecting evidence and locating the criminals who also are concealing in that, need to verify, in court docket, that such evidence has been collected in accordance with the law.

It is necessary to notice, finally, that to develop this article compiled facts from various sources in the internet, in order to better be familiar with level of level of privacy and protection that is extracted from the dark web.

Privacy & Secureness

There are different technologies to guard privacy and security. In this regard, computer security firm Cyberkov published a directory of recommended products (the original document is definitely written in Arabic)

Online social networking for mailing messages: Myspace.

Falsear the information that is kept with the digital photographs (geo-location), before publishing the images (useful to get correspondents): Mappr.
Mobile devices with advanced features for encrypting text, voice and video: Blackphone and Cryptophone.
Alternatives when marketing and sales communications have been slice: Twitter via SMS, individual wifi systems, short-range connection radios (walkie talkies, taking into consideration that interaction is certainly not encrypted), applications that do certainly not require communication networks including FireChat, Container Can as well as the Serval Job.

Virtual Individual Networks (VPN): Freedome and Avast SecureLine.

Browsing the online world: Tor, Orweb, Onion Web browser, Aviator (Google denounced the existence of multiple secureness holes in Aviator), Yandex OperaMini.
Security of files and equipment in case of damage or confiscation of equipment: TrueCrypt (deprecated), VeraCrypt, BitLocker and Crypto SSD. Email: Hushmail, ProtonMail, Tutanota, which let encryption of messages and attachments.

Instant messaging: Threema, Telegram, SureSpot, Wickr, Cryptocat, SwissCom IO, PQChat, Sicher and iMessage.
Protected VoIP: Linphone, Swisscom IO, RedPhone and Signal; goods and services of the Noiseless Circle company and the FaceTime service.
Cloud Storage: ULTRA, SpiderOak, SugarSync, Copy. com

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