Trick to choosing the most effective pillow


In the every day life is not a mystery that there are a variety of cushions to improve the conditions of your remainder, to stay clear of snoring and also maintain a appropriate stance so that rest is a real enjoyment.

In the every day life is not a secret that there are a range of pillows to enhance the problems of your remainder, to avoid snoring as well as preserve a appropriate posture to ensure that rest is a actual enjoyment.

However, we have different types of pillows in relation to their construction, height and also material, so today we intend to inform you the best ways to select your cushion according to your preferences as well as inning accordance with your physiological demands.

In connection with the product and construction of the exact same, we have viscoelastic cushions with low density memory (pack of 2 systems), high density memory viscoelastic 40D pillow as well as pillow with system of mini springtimes.

Portrait Pixels cushions are presented as a overall replacement for old foam or synthetic cushions, given that the high resilience polyurethane enables to “remember” the initial form of the pillow, avoiding long-term deformations that lead to inadequate sleep.

On the other hand the pillow with system of mini springs, gives a fresh fit, comfy and a better angle of inclination than the aforementioned, being this of the vital points when picking the suitable cushion.

The angle of remainder

Each cushion, besides having the optimal high quality in its manufacture as well as convenience in the use, gives a level of disposition or angle of rest with more or less disposition. This is because not all people are from a physical standpoint identical, and also “good sleep” is accomplished when the back is completely lined up in a straight position. Setting that is attained readjusted the elevation of the cushion to the needed point according to each one.

The low thickness memory viscoelastic cushions have a remainder angle of about 5 °.

The Memory 40D viscoelastic cushion has a rest angle of about 10 °.

Ultimately the pillow with system of mini springs, has a rest angle of between 15 to 20º.

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